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  • theliongirl Jan 31, 2021

The story started out a bit jumpy (still understandable) but once you get into the current timeline the story gets a lot smoother. The art is nice, has a lot of beautiful panels and is generally quality but once in a while someone looks a little wonky. I find myself laughing over the hairstyles sometimes. 

The plot is interesting enough; I really like learning about what happened in Jung-woo’s past lives. There’s some conflict between different groups, ect. But I keep waiting for him to meet his rival – I think that’s when it’ll start to get really good. In the action scenes it’s easy to understand what’s happening.

What I find unique about this story in comparison to a lot of other “underdog gets op powers” stories is how connected to other people he is. He has family that he actually spends more than two scenes with (Sorry, Sung Jin-Woo, I love you but I’d rather have Ha Jung-woo as a big brother) underlings he bosses around, and even a best friend! He has a girlfriend that he meets up with and picks up from work (even if he’s killing assassins on the way). He even tells her what happened. Amazing. Incredible. Never been done before.

Anyways, what I’m getting at is that the prevalence on secondary characters throughout the narrative leads to a sense connection and humanity that a lot of “I’m as powerful as a god and just as lonely” stories are missing. 

Ha Jung-woo himself is interesting. He’s not so devoid of morals to the point where you don’t like him, but he’s still obviously ‘villainous’. He’s smart, competent, and I never felt annoyed by him. 

I’d say that this is a story you should give a try. 

[Read up to Chapter 63.]


Reverse Villain is a Manga/Manhwa in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them here. You are reading Reverse Villain chapters on, fastest updating comic site. The Summary is

Jung-woo, who was reincarnated in the past and tried to conquer Murim, continued his conquest. Because of Shin-Ryong, who is left in a reincarnation cycle along with him, he fails to conquer Murim. In the end, even the fifth attempt fails and he is reincarnated into modern times. Reincarnating into the modern world changes Jung-woo's passion and dream. He seeks a battle with a powerful enemy, but he's too powerful for most. This is a story of a persistent relationship that has continued from lifetime to lifetime and how he breaks free from a monotonous goal.

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